Next Steps

Next Steps

Circuits, Coding, and eTextiles January 30, 2014

Here is a link to the slides from today.
Here is a link to our Google Classroom

1.  Complete the Evaluation
2.  Sign up to receive an Email each time a new post is added to Girls Make IT blog
    (use the sign up by email box at

3.  Take the supplies in your kit and teach at least 2 more girls what you learned

4.  Share pictures of  your teaching other girls  and of any new projects you make by
       (1) sending the pictures to our special email address girlsmakeit.*****
       (2) or post them in our Google Classroom

5.  Sign into  our Google Classroom once a week using your special Google username and
        (1) connect with other girls from Girls Make IT events
        (2) share what you learned and make, post pictures using the announcement stream
        (3) participate in a weekly challenge (assignments)  that will help you learn to code

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